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Answered: Where in the us does it snow only one month a ...

In the South it rarely snows, but this year Atlanta and Dallas have had snow (and probably Mississippi and Alabama too). Northern Florida perhaps got a little snow this year. Tampa and Miami ...

Answered: Aol mail

You need to get in touch with AOL. They have a customer service phone#, you just need to look it up.

Answered: Rocmike aliases of the day

Rocmike our insane porn posting schizo believes that he's dead yet he just posted under Mike Weaver and hobwabhob. Both names go to Mike Dykes Facebook profile page. Mike Dykes posted as Rocmike and ...

Answered: What happened to my old mail

all of my old mail disappeared also. I don't delete it, it just gets deleted somehow. It never happened before this past 6 months. I guess it's time to switch email providers.

Answered: Where can I buy instagram likes?

Instagram is a widely growing social networking site. It is more addictive site than other social networking site because of the best quality picture sharing. It is really good to buy instagram likes ...

Answered: How far is mt rushmore?

The distance to Mt. Rushmore cannot be determined without your location.

Answered: Where is my brick? My ...

AOL Answers does not know. You will have to contact

Answered: How can I learn to pollute?

You are exhaling carbon dioxide now. If that causes global warming, you are contributing. Use the toilet. Whatever comes out of you is not all broken down but goes into the ocean.

Answered: Rocmike aliases of the day

Areto u lis?

Answered: Proposed Canaan Woods

Write petitions, call your congressman and do whatever you can to avoid this development. Forest animals will die, trees and all of nature will be no more. There will be more congestion and cars ...

Answered: Growing more trees increase the percentage of ...

Yes. Trees breath in carbon dioxide, turn it into oxygen and release it into the air so that we humans can breath. Trees also offer homes to our feathered friends and squirrels. While some people ...

Answered: Rocmike aliases of the day

What about Bill Jones? How about Brother Bill? Mike Weaver???

Answered: Plastic

Burnt plastic often smells like burning oil. But as OronD says, there are many kinds of plastic. If you're smelling burning anything, you need to find out what it is right quick.

Answered: Do i own mineral rights?

If you own property, then usually the mineral rights go with it. But sometimes the mineral rights or water rights have been sold or leased. The county recorder can tell you whether the mineral ...

Answered: The Four Seasons

I love summer, season of fruits and holiday.

Answered: What is the weather in alabama?

Alabama is coast area its atmosphere is cool, pleasant and nice place to stay for vacation. You can also live with your family and enjoy.

Answered: DSP crime tip; at Fleetwood Estates my neighbor ...

AOL Answers is not the place for a crime tip. If you want to notify the Delaware State Police, try

Answered: Who will help help me help me?

You can get answers to questions here, and you can get advice. But not money. If your problem is related to drinking, try Alcoholics Anonymous.

Answered: Where can find promo codes?

Hello friends, if you are looking for a quality promo codes which are actually working for you. These coupon codes are latest and fresh. These are generally untouched coupon codes. I have used these ...

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