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Answered: I was charged hit and run with a person hurt ...

jamil moussa Asked: I was charged hit and run with a person hurt ... i was charged hit and run with a person hurt. My insurance does not represent me at court in New York. I was not involved ...

Answered: Aircraft Charter Service in India..? I am ...

ForseeAviation I saw their website offering lots of aircraft services, Looking forward to travel with them soon. Thanks Rahul!!

Answered: I just put new brake pads and rotors on my 2009 ...

Bleed, bleed and bleed. It is amazing how much bleeding is needed for modern vehicles.

Answered: Who can help a family with mental illness to get a ...

Try NAMI, National Alliance for the Mentally Ill. They are a local support group for family members of the menially Ill. How helpful will depend on the makeup of your local group. I believe ...

Answered: Flight booking

To get the most out of your flight booking, ,make sure you pay an affordable rate and apply discounts from a good website like This website can offer you all the affordable rates you ...

Answered: What causes a yellow spark from the distributer on ...

There are 6 volt cars? I only know 12 volt. Loose connections, low power, bad distributor, any number of reasons. Have it checked out.

Answered: 2004jeep grand cherokee will not start

Have you checked your battery charge, cables, etc? that's the first thing to check. Make sure the battery is charged. make sure the cables are clean and tight on both ends.

Answered: 2014 Hyundia Elantra GT rear spoiler problem

Your problem is quite simple. They gave you a rare spoiler instead of a REAR spoiler.

Answered: Why cant you find ploygrip anywhere?

Try asking for Super Poligrip.

Answered: P71 a 1996 crown vic with no brakes

It takes a lot of bleeding, especially with all those changes. You probably simply have a lot of air in the line.

Answered: Do garbage truck dump their load after route?

A garbage truck will typically dump their load more than once a day. They won't keep garbage overnight. They probably wash down the truck at the end of the day.

Answered: Sudden chatter at front of engine ford explorer ...

Check all accessories as well as the main drive pulley. I have seen the front pulley separate and throw the outer ring off.

Answered: 5.7 Chevy engine stalls at low RPM

It would be difficult to diagnose without more information. However some causes might be improper idle mixture or low idle speed setting. If these are correct look for vacuum leaks. Other causes can ...

Answered: What is a new 2013 suzuki gw250 worth

I'd say about $3,000.00 at most. Its a small bike, and at 248CC it lacks power/durability. Save up for a down payment on a Sportster. That Slow-Zuki ain't worth it.

Answered: What product can i use to increase compression on ...

Some might add a thickener,such a STP or "oil honey' to the oil. However it is only a temporary patch not recommended. The problem may be a bad valve that needs grinding or replacement. An old ...

Answered: Van Lease

Now i'm thinking of Van Lease . What exactly are the tax benifits?

Answered: Van Lease

I'm thinking of Van Lease .What would be the tax benifits?

Answered: Van Leasing

Ought to I lease a new auto now Van Leasing or wait till 2007?

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