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Answered: How to Patch an Air Mattress?

Ordinary cold tire patch.

Answered: Your mailer sure gives the customer a ton of ...

Leftists hate all business but they also forget that business donates to the Food Bank and other worthy causes. Too bad this recession is all the fault of leftists. They were hit first and worst ...

Answered: Please Help! Money!

Must be a new con artist gambit. The Nigerian deposit scam must not be working anymore.

Answered: Who is traces to Allentown PA.

Answered: What is your opinion , Hard Comparison between The ...

No one buys the games of Muslims. Not even Muslims.

Answered: How do we know what to vote for when we go for ...

Read your voter information packet. That should reach you before early voting starts. If it's like California, it should have arguments for and against propositions and bond issues. And it may have ...

Answered: How much is a Gibson les paul custom worth?

Get an independent appraisal. Second opinion will confirm.

Answered: What makes vinegar turn red dye brown?

Sounds like analine yellow-red ferrous dye. No binder: polar solvent only. Acetic acid can oxidize red iron oxide (Fe2O3) to black (Fe3O2). Giveaway is lack of vinegar smell after setting in fiber ...

Answered: How many ammendments are in the bill of rights?

The Bill of Rights is the first ten amendments to the US Constitution.

Answered: Obama at the game.

Leftists still don't have the smarts to get a joke. That is their failing.

Answered: How is joan rivers health now?

She remains sedated after having cardiac arrest during a throat operation. Rumor has it that she is on life support.

Answered: What time does ladies/ luncheon begin?

There's one at 12:00 in Australia. For your city, we have no idea.

Answered: Fox News has more than this to apologize for! http ...

Fox tells the truth and makes perfect sense. Leftists are only paranoids.

Answered: What do you need to obtain state issued id?

For an identification card, you need to have proof of citizenship and residence. Generally the state will ask for a birth certificate or passport as proof of age and citizenship. Possibly a baptismal ...

Answered: What word can I make with G C L L E Y D?

You can make YELL for 7 points in Scrabble, or DYE for 7 points.

Answered: Insight is God's gift and becomes faith.

Leftists are terrified of the truth. Pity them, since they don't measure up.

Answered: What do you think about Joel Osteen's answer about ...

Queers can keep their hands and diseases to themselves.

Answered: Language/meaning

I think the language is Yoruba, from Nigeria. There's a movie Omo Aiye.

Answered: Ok everything I bring up in my browser comes up ...

Have you tried pressing Ctrl and + at the same time? If you haven't, press Ctrl first and hold on to it as you press the "+" sign. Then, keep tapping "+" while still holding on to Ctrl until you get ...

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