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Answered: Dance Tadpole Dance

I have to agree, you make her dance like you're the puppet master.

Answered: Did you ever drive through New York and have a bum ...

The only we all is that crazy donkey call you make. Ahahahahaahahahahahahaha LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Answered: Is dfrogpong still the biggest A++hole on this ...

The above answer is either complete bullshit, the onset of dementia, or both. Probably it's both.

Answered: Is it okay to have family pictures done with my ...

It's OK to include all family members in a photo. It's better than leaving his daughter out.

Answered: So Lenore/Tadpole/Rocmike Stalker I'll ask you ...

Actually, you're the biggest loser on this board for even thinking that all those posters are the same, Everyone on this board knows you're retarded and that's fact. Until your attendants/handlers get ...

Answered: How does a slug feel?

This question is obviously directed at our resident slug, the Copy/Paste Stalker. Paste away, Sluggo.

Answered: Where was the fabrique en belgique shotgun made?

Fabrique en Belgique means Made in Belgium.

Answered: Why african americans should vote?

For the same reasons any U S citizen should vote. 1) It's a patriotic duty. 2) These days, it has to be done to outvote the "Graveyard Shift". 3) If you don't vote, you don't get to bitch about ...

Answered: How to fix gas furnace?

Call the company who supplies your gas. They often have a repairman on their payroll. If they don't they can recommend one. Don't try to fix it yourself.

Answered: If a price floor was set above the equilibrium ...

A price floor (like a minimum wage) decreases consumption (employment).

Answered: Why is madonna selling her clothes?

If she's anything like my wife, it's because there isn't any more room in the home to store more clothes. Or much of anything else.

Answered: How many watts to heat a 1000sq foot house?

It depends on the temperature and the insulation. Heating requirements in Hawaii are minimal. Heating requirements in North Dakota winters are high.

Answered: SEO

Site unpdation is very important to get higher ranking in search engine like Google. you can update site information, include a blog and post informative and relevant content.

Answered: SEO

Basically SEO company provides search engine optimization, social media optimization and search engine marketing services. if i need to promote my website then i would hire a SEO company and look for ...

Answered: Travel visa fee

Once your visit visa to Dubai is confirmed, you may receive a call from the embassy. In case you have applied through one of the travel websites, then you will receive a call as soon as the embassy ...

Answered: Visa charges

Many travel websites offer visa for Dubai. You can check various options for Dubai visit visa fees. The only variation would be in the service charges of such websites to get detailed information.

Answered: Weight loss

Hi there. Personally, I lost weight with Reductil. I used it for almost 5 months and lost about 20 kg and of course I am so grateful to this pills because I struggled a lot with overweight! I believe ...

Answered: Does weight loss pills effective?

Of course they are effective. I'd say it depends from where you buy them. I've used Reductil for almost 4 months and lost 20 kg. I know that some of us are pretty skeptical regarding the usage of any ...

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