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At AOL Answers we strive to merge the convenience and efficiency of search with the unlimited value of individual knowledge to get you the best answers to your questions.

We believe that every person is multi-faceted. A unique combination of professional history, personal experience, acquired hobbies and pursued interests nurture the uniqueness in every one of us. That unique individuality is an invaluable resource when shared.

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We are building AOL Answers as a fun place to share, explore and discover knowledge - a place where you can connect with people having specialized knowledge or with people of interests similar to yours.
Key unique values we’ve put into the user experience of AOL Answers
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    There are so many topics out there. At AOL Answers, we carefully select for you, based on your preferences, the questions and answers that are likely to be of interest to you. And, the more you use AOL Answers, the better we get at understanding your interests. So go ahead,personalize AOL Answers to match your interests!
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    We like to think of each question you ask as if it's the single most important question. After all, it probably is to you. AOL Answers proactively invites relevant people to answer your question and continues to monitor it to make sure you get the best answers as quickly as possible
  • Smart

    AOL Answers understands what your question or answer is about, and is clever enough to find related questions and answers automatically for you even if they're listed under a different topic.
  • Dynamic

    We've built AOL Answers to be a dynamic, self-evolving system that adapts itself to the people using it. New topics and associations between topics are created dynamically by the community. Every question you ask or answer contributes to our understanding of what people really care about.
  • Free

    AOL Answers is a free service! It's FREE because we are powered by the knowledge and the passion of our community. An amazing community of people, just like you, who have gained a lot of knowledge and experience and find great satisfaction in sharing it with others.

As AOL Answers continues to evolve, we try to make it easier and better. We appreciate your thoughts and feedback on our service.

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