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Answered: Donde hay pallet racks usados?

?Como Sta, ese? Como hay palletos el abrigo sin bass, donde hay Massey Ferguson y Case. Esta cataloga y net;

Commented: About Anonymous's answer

I gotta wonder why they let Tadpole out of prison when they did. usually with repeat sex predators with a history of kidnapping and raping little kids, they just transfer 'em to an island mental ward ...

Answered: Who Said That??

Obatty always was WAY down in my book cause he is drunk and disloyal. That is why only disloyal old drunks follow that fool. Well, you gotta figure on Obatso worshipers to make claims they can't ...

Commented: About Physicist's answer

I would expect nothing less from our Academician, Zhorev. Thank you for coming here to share your knowledge.

Answered: What is time?

Time is flux: fluctuation based on the mass of space and the objects within it. Space/time is not massless: it has the same mass as all the particles, dark matter, and dark energy, within it. Just ...