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Hal Needham showed what a three-wheel motorcycle could do with Budweiser 1. It was a joint project with Needham Laboratories, UT Austin, UT Dallas, and NASA Ames research center. Richard Noble ...

Asked: How do i find out my panasonic id

how do I find my Panasonic id

Answered: How fast do motorcycles go

Asked anonymously: "How fast do motorcycles go?" Motion picture director Hal Needham (Gumball Rally, Cannonball Run, 22 others) was no amateur with high-speed stunts. His Budweiser 1 tricycle was ...

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There are far more roadside shrines in Afghanistan to Bush Sr. and Jr., than their deposed extremist Arminijad. Most of the latter's shrines smell very strongly of urine -- because Afghans take great ...