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Answered: Describe your question with a short, clear title

Leftists really are obnoxious old fools, aren't they? Oh well, that's what they get for being losers -- and only that ...

Asked: Remove steering wheel 2001 ford explore sport

how do you take a steering wheel off a 2001 ford explore sport

Asked: How do I remove a screen name

how do I remove a screen name

Answered: Would like to talk with gm to resolve an issue

Well Joanne why don't you use the brain God gave you (if he gave you one, which is debatable given your stupid question) and call Cracker Barrel. You won't find that person on AOL.

Answered: When one person thinks its ok for them to do ...

That person would be called a hypocrite by some. But I would call them a douchebag.