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Asked: Are my balls too big

Hi, I just turned 13 and my balls are bigger then grapes should I be worried and they sag pretty far down.

Answered: North Korea's Nuclear Ambitions

I guess they have a death wish: North Korea ain't big or bad enough to fight a war. It must be like that Peter Sellers movie, "The mouse that roared." They hope they get in a war, lose it, and we'll ...

Commented: About Anonymous's answer

No body believes you, Tadpole. Leftists are only violent criminals and worthless liars.

Commented: About David Ray's answer

Did you go out August 12 to look for the Perseid meteor shower?

Answered: Did leftist andrewcranky accompany Dennis Rodman ...

Did Tadpole-Crank and Dennis Rodman go to North Korea? If so, they both came back a whole lot smarter and dying from the sort of STD's they only get in Korea. Either way, good riddance.