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Answered: Who is in favor of gun-free zones?

The Second Amendment is clear. I don't believe in gun free zones but I do believe in those who don't want guns not having them and those that do and qualify having them. Coming down to the wire ...

Answered: What do i say when i win a fight

What kind of fight? An altercation where you actually hit one another? Depends on why you fought in the first place. A sports event? Then you must thank our opponent. An argument ...

Asked: AccountEdge MYOB to QuickBooks

How can I convert AccountEdge MYOB to QuickBooks?

Answered: I want to help

Hop a plane and go. Many X military are there now. The Kurd don't accept just anyone and they won't put you on the frontlines. Be careful.

Answered: I want some leather products at cheap prices?

Good leather products are expensive. You can go to a Harley Davidson dealer and inquire about leather products. They have the best. In Colorado they run deserted towns and their leather goods ...