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Answered: What are cold sores related to?

Cold sores are groups of small blisters around the lip and mouth. The sores around the mouth is caused by an outbreak and it usually takes 2-3 weeks for the sores to heal.

Answered: Should you mix noodles and potato in the same ...

No reason why you can't, unless you're concerned about too much starch or carbohydrates. I've eaten lots of vegetable soup with noodles added. One that I really like is minestrone, it often has both ...

Commented: About Lane's answer

Rocky Boots is a company that specializes in boots mostly for hunting and outdoor recreation, although they do offer work boots and western boots as well. They do make boots for women as well as men ...

Asked: Who can make me a landscape-format journal

who can make me a landscape-format journal

Answered: Womens Rocky Boots

the website for Rocky Boots is You can order boots directly from their site, or try a large chain sporting goods store oke Gander Mountain. Best of luck.