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Answered: What is 5/12 plus 1/4

5/12 + 1/4 == > (5+3)/12 ( Take LCM of both the denominator i.e 12 ) == > 8/12 == > 2/3 Answer For these type of questions you can take onlne tutoring from eduniche

Answered: Mobile applications

Recently, there was a survey for 2,200 developers to decide the “App Development State of the Union.” The review’s aim was to decide main concerns and pain points surrounding application development ...

Answered: Do you guys buy or make the costumes ...

I usually buy costume at , you could have a try.

Asked: Cub Scouts Derby

What kind of games includes in Cub Scouts Derby ?

Asked: Mobile applications

What are the views and thoughts of designers and developers regarding mobile and web applications?