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Asked: How to replace the iphone LCD screen?

My iphone screen was damaged careless, can I buy a LCD screen online and replace it by myself, or just sent it to the Iphone repair shop?

Commented: About TrueIowan's answer

It looks like the fool who posts as American Values, Trampo and the rest of those aliases believes they're different posters. He's must be a schizophrenic.

Answered: Why doesn't Israel just admit they are trying to ...

If you want to pretend that you're not another leftist Muslim Atheist posters alias you shouldn't use the same words and follow your other aliases around. Just a little tip. HA HA HA HA HA

Answered: Tax Squeal Report Tax Fraud | Tax Schemes?

Are conservatives proud to have people like the leftist Muslim Atheist poster on their side. This is the typical type of person that you find in the far right. They're not only an embarrassment to the ...

Answered: At least 40 people shot in Chicago over ...

How many different leftist Muslim Atheist aliases can you get on one question?