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Commented: About Harley Spirit's answer

Is that why everyone went to tubeless tires?

Answered: Join Inner Tubes Anonymous! The only moron on ...

Guard well your inner tubes, for there is no use allowing frantic leftists to steal them, smoke them, and pollute the air with the vapor!

Answered: Nothing our deluded leftist said is important.

When was ANY leftist an improvement on that? Talk about just plain stupid.

Asked: Nothing our deluded leftist said is important.

So far we see tadpole posting under dozens (if not hundreds) of completely irrational screen names, always touting some extremist leftist "cause" that no sane person would touch with a ten foot pole ...

Answered: Following the attack on Shifa Hospital--Israel ...

When you find one leftist Muslim Atheist alias you find several. They have to stick together because everyone on here are embarrassed to be associated with them so they ignore them.