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Commented: About Anonymous's answer

What a shame Tadpole is in such a bitter frenzy. Maybe if you spoke with a psychiatrist you could eventually calm down.

Answered: 10 things you would do if you where President

If I were President I would have more than ten items on my platform Agenda. However, let me share the top five. Must prove eligibility before declaring candidacy. Obama has failed. Must have ...

Answered: President Incitatus?

Obama's most recent failures . . .. March 2009: "Pan American Waterways Treaty." Would have made the Mississippi, Ohio, and Columbia Rivers "international waterways" where foreign warships could ...

Commented: About Anonymous's answer Tadpole, please comment on the facts at hand (if you are privy to the information). That would make you a worthy commentator, instead of a typical ignorant leftist hatemonger ...

Answered: Where is design wedding invitation?

Dream Wedding Card is one of the best online shops. They are providing latest wedding invitation at very affordable price. Last month I bought my marriage card from this shop.