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Answered: Sandxwest realwickedexpat realwicked tonsilosis

LMFAO! Danielle's husband ditched her BIG TIME! He didn't attend his kid's first birthday. Bahahahaha Paypal Points!!!!!! I bet that kid ain't even his. Look, she's still whining about ...

Answered: What you can not do in the methodist religion?

The Methodist Church is NOT a religion. It's an institutional denomination.

Asked: What is the greatest mystery of san diego?

what is the greatest mystery of san diego?

Answered: When is the walmart in grandview tx due to open

C - Chris-Craft Industries of Canada, W - WarnerBrothers Entertainment

Asked: Black Hawk rescue helicopter

I want to know about the black hawk rescue helicopter,used in Afganistan out of bagrah military base and airport.