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Commented: About PGroot's answer

Search for "afterschool privatized" and you find several articles, one about Bloomberg, one about HR 3498, and so on.

Asked: Mailing links to sites from AOL email does not ...

Some of the links I send to my husband does not work. Why and how can I get my email to send working links?

Asked: 479 Clifton Street Oakland California Square Feet

479 Clifton Street Oakland California Square Feet

Answered: Where do i check if my political vote ended in the ...

If you had a mail-in ballot or a provisional ballot, your County Registrar of Voters should be able to confirm that your ballot was cast. There may be a web site where you can check.

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Bleh. As I told you a good dozen times, he's on your side. No real Bible-believing Christian would have anything to do with him. Or her. Whatever he or she is.